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About Wasson's Plumbing & Pump Company, Inc.

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We offer plumbing repairs, plumbing remodels, renovation plumbing, and new construction plumbing. There isn’t anything in the world of plumbing that Wasson’s Plumbing & Pump Company, Inc. doesn’t do for Hilo, HI! What separates our contractor from the competition is the professionalism and courtesy of our technicians. Not only are our technicians masters of their craft, but they are also likable people with a knack for knowing what the customer wants. We strive to satisfy every customer with our expertise.

Wasson’s Plumbing & Pump Company, Inc. has created a culture of top-tier plumbing that rivals any plumbing contractor in the area and beyond. Our culture is based in a passion for our craft, hard work, and unparalleled customer service. We take a positive approach into every single new project, and this attitude is infectious throughout our entire organization. We keep our prices low, to cater to the client that normally might not be able to afford luxurious plumbing services for a household.

Wasson’s Plumbing & Pump Company, Inc. is changing the way that plumbing contractors do business. We are truly trailblazers in the industry, and the people in Hilo, HI are beginning to notice as they benefit from our surging success. It’s time that you hop on the bandwagon and give us a call right now!